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অখিল ভাৰতীয় আয়ুৰ্বিজ্ঞান প্ৰতিষ্ঠান, গুৱাহাটী

अखिल भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान संस्थान, गुवाहाटी

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Guwahati


Department of Paediatrics

The Department of Pediatrics at AIIMS, Guwahati intends to deliver the best quality of healthcare to children as well as provide the highest quality of learning experience and research opportunities for all students and staff. The department works towards the broad vision of establishing a center of excellence with all sub-specialties, delivering the highest quality of tertiary care in the region along with harboring compassion for the sick and commitment to serving the underserved. 

The department is committed to being accountable to society, mentoring the students to learn and excel in child health services, delivering family-centered and child-friendly services, promoting team spirit, and practicing a multidisciplinary approach. The department aims to be one of the centers of excellence in medical education, training, health care, research, scientific culture, and academic activities in India. 


The faculties are engaged in teaching and training of the undergraduate medical students. In addition to routine theory and bedside clinical classes, faculty members are also involved in conducting innovative and interactive teaching-learning sessions for undergraduate students. Faculty members are dedicated to mentoring the students to participate in research work like the short-term studentship (STS) program of ICMR. Formative assessment, logbook maintenance, and development of e-portfolio for students are integral parts of the departmental teaching program. Summative assessment of the students is also done at the end of clinical posting including bedside clinical evaluation.


The faculties of the department are involved in conducting ethical and high-quality research addressing the knowledge gaps in research areas. This also includes funded and interdisciplinary collaborative research.

Events conducted by the department (2022-23)

  1. World ORS Week celebration on 20th July 2022
  2. National CPR Day celebration on 21st July 2022
  3. World Breastfeeding Week celebration on 5th and 6th of August 2022
  4. Basic Pediatric Epilepsy Workshop 15th October 2022
  5. Multi-Disciplinary Health Camp on the occasion of Children’s Day Celebration on 14th November 2022
  6. Advance NRP Provider course 10th December 2022
  7. Basic NRP workshop for Nursing Officers on 16th January 2023
  8. Basic NRP workshop for Nursing Officers on 18th January 2023
  9. Manuscript writing workshop on 1st and 2nd April 2023.


Our vision is to be one of the best pediatric centers in Northeast India in the field of medical education, training, health care, research, and academic activities


Our mission is to deliver the highest quality tertiary level care for pediatrics in Northeast India, to become the institute of first preference for trainees to get quality training in Paediatrics and its subspecialties, to excel in medical research, and to also develop collaboration with other medical colleges of Northeast India for delivering the best of education, patient care and medical research. 

Services provided:   

  1. Outpatient Department (OPD): Pediatric OPD Services from 9 AM-4 PM (Patient registration till 2 PM) Monday to Friday [Registration on Saturday 9 AM-12 Noon]
  2. Pediatric Neurology OPD services: Monday and Thursday Room No.1009 [9 AM-2 PM]
  3. Teleconsultation services (9 AM-4 PM: Monday to Friday); 9 AM-1 PM: Saturday): 92879-98263.

Upcoming Services

  1. Immunisation Services: Immunisation to all children according to the National Immunisation schedule.
  2. Inpatient services (Pediatric ward): For admission of children for evaluation and for admission of sick children
  3. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) – For care of sick newborn babies
  4. High-dependency Unit (HDU): For managing sick children requiring intensive monitoring and treatment.
  5. Pediatric intensive Care Unit (PICU): For managing sick children requiring intensive monitoring and treatment.
  6. Pediatric Emergency Room/Casualty Service- for emergency management of sick children
  7. Special Clinics:
    • Well baby follow-up Clinic
    • Pediatric respiratory follow-up clinic                
    • Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic
    • Early stimulation and child rehabilitative services
  8. Simulation lab for enhanced learning objectives for training and faculty development programs
  9. Lactation & Nutritional Counselling Corner- to address the problem of malnutrition in under 5 children and to improve breastfeeding and infant & young child feeding (IYCF) practices


Dr. Jaya Shankar Kaushik
Additional Professor & Head of the Department

Dr. Bipul Kumar Das
Assistant Professor
Dr. Murchana Khound
Assistant Professor
Dr. Nisha Toteja
Assistant Professor